e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities




The Agora as market place and meeting place of the Greek polis is the eLearning and eScience platform for the humanities in Hamburg. Under its ancient name, a modern, web-based platform is available at the University of Hamburg, which takes into account the specific needs of users in the humanities.

Basic operating hours and availability of AGORA
Every night between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. automatic back-up processes of the RRZ run for AGORA. During this time window it is possible that the platform is temporarily unavailable. Further regular maintenance dates (monthly) can be found on the corresponding page of the RRZ. The RRZ also points out: "In case of urgent security-related problems, maintenance can be announced and carried out outside of these dates.

A description of the essential functions can be found in the AGORA concept.

Here you will find further information on data privacy.

Consult our terms of use for legal questions.

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