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On april 19th CommSy search functions are optimized during the day. During the maintenance, search functions are temporarily only available to a limited extent. Please try again later.


From 19/02/18 through 18/03/18 we do not offer open consultation hours. Please feel free to email us with your question any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible. First open office hour after the pause will be on March 20 in ESA 218.

Most of the technical and usability issues that occurred during the transition to CommSy9 have been resolved. Merging of user IDs is now available. In addition, the MediaWiki has been unlocked for usage.

The RRZ announces: "There will be an emergency maintenance of the eLearning systems on Tuesday 19.12.2017. Olat-CE, OpenOlat and Commsy will not be available between 11:00 and 11:30! "

On Thursday, november 23th, there will be no in-office consultation-hour.

All UHH CommSys were upgraded to CommSy9 on 21.9.17. Unfortunately, the new CommSy version still contains several technical errors. The UHH Regional Data Center is working on their elimination. This UHH page (German) provides an overview of the necessary reworking; a separate AGORA list of bugs, possibly with workaround is also available in German. Our English-language online help has not been updated yet. If you need any help, please send an e-mail to or use our consultation service.

Automated messages are currently being sent out to our UHH users to inform them on a necessary merger of accounts. Visit this page for general instructions. E-mail us if you have any questions.

New to AGORA?

UHH students and employees do not need to apply for a separate CommSy ID. Just log in with your UHH user account (formerly "STiNE ID", e.g. Bae1234) and the corresponding password. Make sure that "STiNE" is selected as source. External users click on "Create new account" and fill in the registration form. For each login, select "AGORA (CommSy)" as source.

In response to a recent security compromise, the RCC urges all CommSy users to change their passwords for CommSy platforms including AGORA. Stine IDs are not affected.

Further information and how to change your password:

On Tuesday, September 15, the AGORA platform will be unavailable for two hours (starting 11 a.m. CET), because CommSy will be updated to version 8.3.0.

On May 19th, a new update for CommSy has been released. If you are experiencing any problems while accessing AGORA, please delete the browser cache and cookies in your browser settings. This should fix most update-related problems.

From February 16 to March 18, there will be no in-office consultation-hour. Meanwhile, please feel free to email us with your questions.