Basics I (First Steps)

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The English Help Section for CommSy9 is under construction at the moment. Please use the up-to-date Help Section in German for CommSy9. This English Help Section refers to the old version CommSy8.    

If you are new to AGORA, you will need a User ID to log in to the platform and access content. These pages contain important information about the login process and creating an account, as well as the basics for joining workspaces and setting up one of your own.

You can either create an AGORA User ID or use your STiNE account to access the AGORA platform. After logging in with your User ID, you can apply to join workspaces that you’re interested in, such as a project workspace for a seminar you attend. You can apply to join (or open) as many workspaces as you like.

1. Workspaces

The Workspaces page is the starting point for our platform. To access Workspaces, select the link from the menu on our homepage In Workspaces, log in with your User ID (see 2. Log in) to gain access to the workspace search and your personal workspace list. 

1. Menu: navigate to different sections of our site (e.g. usage information, contact).

2. Search for Workspace: Enter keywords (e.g. seminar name, lecturer’s name) to find workspaces on the AGORA platform.

3. Workspaces: A list of workspaces. When logged in, all your workspaces will be displayed here. When using the workspace search, the search results will be displayed here instead.

4. myAGORA (your personal areas), Create Workspaces (to set up a new project workspace), Portal message (important information from the portal moderation, e.g. about current glitches in the system).

5. CommSy-Bar : Important element for the functionality of AGORA; includes your profile. More info here: CommSy-Bar

Figure 1: “Workspaces”: Overview of different sections 

2. Login

To log on or create a new User ID, first call up the AGORA homepage in your browser - You will find the login area in the upper dark grey bar of the “Workspaces” page (Figure 2).

If you already have an AGORA User ID or STiNE account, log in here with your access data (User ID and password). In this case, you can skip the following chapter. Make sure that you have selected the correct “Source” – “AGORA (CommSy)” or “Stine”.

If you do not have a User ID, click the “Create new account” link in the login bar (dark grey, at the top of the screen).

Figure 2: Login bar in “Workspaces”


3. Create new User ID

After clicking the "Create new account" link in the first step, a form is displayed for you to enter your data (Figure 3).

To get a User ID, you have to enter the required data in the mandatory fields (names, email address, 'User ID' and password). 

Figure 3: Create new account

Please note: You can freely select your User ID, which serves as a short name for logging in. You must choose your password yourself (and remember it!).

After completing the form, click the “create” button.

A window opens, containing the Terms of Use. You have to accept these in order to use AGORA. The corresponding button can be found at the bottom of the page. Upon accepting the Terms of Use, your User ID will be activated by the system and you will be automatically logged in. With your User ID, you can now open project workspaces (see step 4) or join an existing workspace.

4. Workspace membership

When you are logged in to AGORA, you can join project and community workspaces on the platform.

1.  Select a Workspace from the “Workspaces” list. Use the filter in the “Search for Workspace” box in the middle of the page if you are unable to find a workspace, or are not yet a member in any workspaces (i.e. your workspace list is empty). → More on Workspace Search

2.  After clicking on a workspace from the list, the entry page to this workspace will be displayed (Figure 4).

Figure 4: The basic info page of a workspace 

The door symbolizes your membership status. If it is closed, this means you are not registered in the workspace and will have to first apply for membership (see below). If the door is open, you are already a workspace member or the workspace is open to all. Then just click on the door to enter.

3.  Click on the link "Apply for membership" (Figure 4 below). Depending on the membership settings selected by the Workspace Moderator, you will then be prompted to enter either a membership code or a reason for membership.

Reason for membership

Specify why you would like to participate in the workspace (such as “I am a participant in the seminar XY”) and hit the send button. The moderator of the workspace will be notified automatically and will unlock the workspace for you as soon as possible. After the activation, you will receive notification via email, and you can then fully use the workspace. 

Membership code

Enter the membership code. If the code is correct, you will be automatically allowed into the Workspace. 

The login code is often announced in the first session of a course. If you do not know the code, ask the workspace moderator for it.

5. Create new workspace

If you are logged in to AGORA and you would like to create a new project workspace, follow these steps:

1.  From the Workspaces page, click the link “New Project Workspace” on the right hand side below “Create Workspace”

2.  A page opens with a form (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Create new workspace

3.  Enter a title and select the user interface language for the Workspace as German or English

The other fields are optional, and are principally for better user orientation. However, we do recommend filling in the fields for “Term” and “Description”, so that your Workspace is easy to find for potential participants.

The “Template” field is a special feature. By selecting a template, you can open a Workspace that is already filled with content. In addition to the standard template, other templates are available, e.g. from the General Career-Qualifying Skills section (German: ABK).