Create a new project room

All CommSy users can open project rooms. They are useful tools for communicating with other members of a seminar or project, for instance.

If you want to open a new room, read this short tutorial first. It will teach you the most important functions for managing your own rooms, such as appointing other members as moderators.

1. Open a new room

Any CommSy member can open a new project room at any time. After you log in, click "All rooms" in the top menu bar or "List all rooms" on the Dashboard and mouseover "Choose action" to select "New entry". You will be directed to the page “Create new room”. Use this form to enter a name for your room and adjust its general settings (Fig. 1). Specify the title and language of your room.

If you choose the preset standard template, your room will be displayed in the blue CommSy design. The remaining information (term, associated community room, and description) is optional. However, we do recommend that you complete these settings as they will make it easier for others to find your room in the room search. You can change these settings at any time.

Fig. 1: Adjusting the settings of your new room

Once you click “Save,” you room will be created. From now on, its title will be displayed in your room overview on your CommSy homepage.

To enter your room, click its name on the list, then click the door symbol. You will be taken to the overview page (“Home”) of your project room (Fig. 2). It shows you all recent activity in your room at a glance. The menu on the left-hand side allows you to navigate between the different rubrics in your room (Fig. 2). Click “Materials,” for example, to access the section where you and other room members can upload documents and comment on them.

Fig. 2: “Home” section of your room (highlighted: rubrics)

2. Moderators

Since this is your own room, you have unrestricted access to it. You are a moderator by default. This status enables you to manage the room.

You can change its settings, for example, or approve new members.

You can also appoint other room members as moderators such as tutors, student assistants, or members of a study group, for instance.

To do this, go to the rubric bar and then navigate to the “User” section (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: “User” section

This section allows you to change the status of one or multiple users. Click the drop-down menu labeled “Manage users,” choose a status, and check the box next to the name of the user whose status you wish to change (Fig. 4). Click “Execute action” to confirm. Fig. 4: “Status: ‘moderator’”


3. Approve members

Your new room is initially closed to other CommSy users. The default settings require you to approve all new users before they can enter your room (“Settings” > “Access check”).   CommSy users can apply to join your room by providing a reason.  Membership requests are emailed to moderators. The email contains a link for approving the request.


This is how to approve membership requests:

1. Enter your room and navigate to the “User” section. You will see a list of users that have already been approved.

2. In the box labeled “Restrict list” on the right side of the screen, click the drop-down list next to “Change status.” Select “Is applying” (Fig. 5). The list will now show usernames that have applied to join your room. You can approve them individually or all at once.

Fig. 5: Switching the list view to applying users 3. Click the drop-down menu labeled “Manage users” and change the appropriate status. In this case, click “Approve or unlock account/s” (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6: “Manage users”: “Approve or unlock account/s4. Now, select the user you want to approve by checking the box to the left of their name (Fig. 7 [1]). You can select multiple names at once.

5. Click “Execute action” to confirm (Fig. 7 [2]).

Fig. 8: Selecting users and executing action

Tip: Instead of approving members manually, you can set up a membership code!