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Didactical scenarios

Here you will find handouts on the topic of "Scenarios for Digital Teaching" on AGORA.

1. Take-Home-Exams in AGORA (presence exam alternative)

In this chapter, you will find a manual for designing exams as take-home-exams (THE) - especially during a pandemic, it is a good alternative to traditional face-to-face exams.


2. Room template for Humanities subjects

In this chapter, you will find the manual for a room template, which will help you get started on AGORA as well as give tips to more experienced users.


3. Submission of courseworks in AGORA

In this chapter, you will find instructions on how to submit study results and courseworks in a data-protection-compliant and organizationally simple manner.


4. Designing digital teaching discursively

With a few simple tricks, teachers can make much more out of an AGORA room than simply making it available as a download folder - for example, by using the room's basic functions specifically for asynchronous discursive teaching scenarios. Jan Christoph Meister, long-time project manager of the eLearning office and eLearning officer of the Faculty of Humanities (2009 to 2020), explains how and why his "construction kit" and "roadmap" transform students in his courses online from passive silencers to passionate discussants.