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Support and Assistance

Welcome to the AGORA Help Section!

Here you can find various pages that will help you to use AGORA and give you a better understanding of the platform’s different functions. The individual pages can be accessed via the menu navigation.

The First Steps page takes new users through the basics of AGORA, providing an easy introduction to using the portal.

The Video Tutorials are a series of helpful handouts for AGORA and are primarily aimed at prospective room moderators.

The Tutorials form the core of the help section; organised into topics, they give step-by-step instructions and explanations. For instance, if you wanted to know how to integrate a type of media into an AGORA room, you could find a tutorial that contains all the important information on this topic.

The FAQ section provides you with the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. So if you have a specific question, this might be the quickest way to find an answer.

The Glossary is a compilation of important terms for using the AGORA-Platform. By way of example, if you wanted to know what was meant by the term “Home”, you could find a compact definition here.

On the Workshops page you will find our range of workshops, with topics and dates for the various workshops that you can register for as a tutor or student.

Can not find the answer to your AGORA problem here? Please send us your question via our contact form. The AGORA team will answer you as soon as possible.