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All of the workspaces I have joined have suddenly disappeared. How can I reverse this?

There are two possible causes for your list of workspaces to be suddenly empty and all workspaces you have joined to have disappeared:

1. You may have accidentally created a new AGORA User ID, instead of logging on with your actual User ID. In this case, please delete the unintentionally created User ID, so that the system only contains User IDs that are actually being used. See also: How do I delete my AGORA account?

2. It is also possible that you may have two AGORA User IDs with two different sources – a STiNE User ID and separate AGORA User ID – e.g. because you unintentionally set up a second AGORA account in the past. If you log in with the “wrong” User ID, you will have no access to your workspaces. Likewise here, please delete the redundant User ID and then log in with your active User ID.