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How can I delete a project workspace?

There are two ways to delete a project workspace:

a) Go to the workspace that you would like to delete. To access the “workspace settings”, click the tool symbol at the top left of the grey CommSy-Bar. From the first tab “General settings” you will find the “Delete workspace” button (bottom right of the screen).

b) Via the portal: Search for and select the workspace you want to delete from the workspace list on the AGORA portal page. Now you will find yourself on the entry page with the door symbol. At the top right you will see the link “Delete workspace”. 

If you want to delete your project workspace, then the entire workspace will be deleted, including all data and entries. This process is irreversible!

A deleted workspace cannot be restored. As a rule, when a workspace is deleted, all third-party entries are also deleted. Archiving can be used as an alternative to deleting; it means that all members can still access the workspace content, but no more changes can be made. See also: How can I archive a workspace?