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How can I find a particular document that someone has made available for download on AGORA?

Firstly, you have to know which workspace contains the file you’re looking for. Find out the name of the workspace and membership code (if applicable) from the person who uploaded the material to AGORA. In the middle of the "Workspaces" page you will see a box with the heading “Search for workspace”. Here you can type in the workspace title and click on “Search”. A list of workspaces will be displayed that match your search term.

Click on the workspace you’re looking for, and this will take you to the entry page for that workspace. See also: How can I find and enter a current project workspace?

When you enter a workspace, you first see an overview of the latest activity in that project workspace. If you can’t see the document you are looking for there, use the search function at the top right of the screen.

Please note: You can only search through the entire workspace when you are actually in that workspace. If you are in one of the rubrics when you search, then only that particular rubric will be searched.