Visit the workspaces page in order to login or logout, to enter an AGORA workspace, and to manage your profile.


e-platform for the Humanities at Hamburg University



How can I open a new project workspace?

When logged into AGORA, you will find the “New project workspace” link below the heading “create workspaces” on the right side of the "Workspaces".

If you are currently in one of your workspaces, first click on the link “Goto workspace: NAME OF YOUR WORKSPACE”, which you’ll find on the grey CommSy-Bar. In the pop-up window that opens, there is also a direct link for the “AGORA-platform”, next to the phrase “You are here”. To open a new project workspace, click the “New project workspace” link on the right hand side.

A page opens with a form for you to fill in. Enter a title and specify the language (German or English).

The other fields are optional - mainly they are for user orientation. We do recommend filling in the fields for “Term” and “Description”.

Tip: The “Templates” are a special feature. By choosing a template, you can create a workspace that is already filled with content. In addition to the standard template, there are templates from the ABK at your disposal.

Save your entries with the “Save preferences” button below. The project workspace will be set up and opened immediately. You are the moderator of this workspace, and you can start to work with it right away, e.g. post content, approve accounts, change workspace settings, etc.