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How can I open or enter a group workspace?

Every workspace member can set up a group workspace within a project workspace. Before a group workspace can be opened, a new group must be created. To create a new group in your project workspace, first select the “groups” rubric, then click the light grey plus symbol in the bar. This will open up the editor. To create the new group, type in the name you would like to give it. In the large text field, you can include more details about the group (optional). If you now click on the “group workspace” tab, you can “activate” the group workspace by placing a tick in the box. Now save your entry by pressing “Add new item”.

Now you have opened a workspace within the workspace, which works in exactly the same way as the main workspace. Other users of the (main) workspace can now join the group and use the group workspace.

To join a group, click on it from the group list. This will take you to the entry page of the group workspace, just as it did for the main workspace. You will see a smaller version of the now familiar door. In contrast to the project workspace, here you must click on “join” in the grey bar above the name of the group workspace. Depending on the setting, you will then have to either enter a membership code or give a reason for membership, just like for all main workspaces. See also: How can I find and enter a current project workspace? If the group moderator has set up the room in such a way that no verification process is required, then you can join it directly. As soon as you have entered the room, the “join” button changes to a “leave” button, via which you may leave the group workspace at any time.

Once you have entered a room, the door on the group workspace entry page will be opened from then on, and you can join the group workspace  at any time. All the main workspace functions correspond to those in the group workspace.

Tip: The “group workspace” function is particularly suitable for when you want to make information accessible to only certain workspace members, e.g. the research assistants in your seminar.