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How can I set up a recurring date?

If you want to set up an event that repeats at regular intervals, e.g. weekly or monthly, we recommend setting up a recurring date, so that you don’t have to enter every event separately.

First, in the editor “enter new date” (see:  How do I create, edit and delete entries?) enter all the required details for the first event of the series, as you would for an individual event.

Please note: “Begin” and “End” do not refer to the first and last dates of the event, but rather to the beginning and end of the very first event of the series! The necessary information for the automatic repetition of the event will only be entered later (see below).

E.g.: From Monday 1st of April 2013 you have a weekly 12:00 - 13:00 ABC Seminar in workspace 1234. So enter the title “ ABC Seminar”, and for the beginning “01.04.2013” and “12:00”. For the end, enter “01.04.2013” and “13:00”. For location, enter “workspace 1234 (or building X)”.

If some events in the series take place at different locations, write the location where most of the events take place, and note the location changes in the "Description" text field.

Below these entry fields you will see the function “Colors and recurring dates “. Clicking on the link will bring up a corresponding entry screen.

Tip: If you assign a colour to the recurring event, the calendar fields for this event will be highlighted in the corresponding colour. This gives you a quick and easy overview of all the events in the series.

To make a recurring date of any of the events that you have entered, use the drop down menu to select “is a: […] recurrent date”, for either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly events, and mark the selection by ticking the box on the left hand side. If it is a weekly event, don’t forget to enter a “1” in the field between “every […] week”. If the event should only repeat every two or three weeks, then enter a “2” or “3”, etc. Finally, select the day of the week for the event with a tick, and enter the date of the last event in the text field “Recurring until”. If you don’t know the date of the last meeting, click on the calendar symbol next to the entry field and select the date from the calendar.

Please note: There is a difference between the options “monthly” and “weekly” + “every 4 weeks”. A monthly event will be entered on the same date every month, e.g. on 03.01., 03.02., 03.03. etc. An event every 4 weeks repeats exactly every 28 days (i.e. 4 x 7) days.

You can optionally enter further details for the event in the text field, such as a list of attendees, the agenda, etc.

If there is an invitation or agenda for the event, or a document containing the series of dates, etc., you can attach these to the event entry. See: How can I upload material?

The event entry is created by pressing the button “Add new item” at the bottom of the page.