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How can I thematically group workspace entries?

There are two ways to thematically group entries. These options can be used individually or in combination, and also within a rubric (Announcements, Materials, Discussions, Tasks, Events) as well as across rubrics:

1. References: For entries that are thematically related, it makes sense to reference them together. On an entry page, you can see all referenced entries, and access these directly with a click of the mouse.

If you would like to reference one entry to another, click on the entry and then on the right side below “referenced entries” on the link “add reference/s”. This opens a window with a list of all workspace entries. With a tick, mark the entries that you would like to associate with the currently opened entry, and confirm your selection by pressing the button “add reference/s” at the bottom of the list.

This allows you to reference e.g. a document that is the topic for an event, or a discussion dealing with the document. It also makes sense to reference tasks with the events where they will be discussed, or to reference useful documents with the tasks.

2. Tags: If several entries in a workspace fall under the same category, it makes sense to tag these entries. This provides a good overview of all the entries, and users can see what they have in common.

To tag an entry, use the arrow on the left side to display or hide “Linked Buzzwords and Tags”, which you can find in the column below “Edit”. Click the link “Add reference/s” next to “added tags “. Enter a tag for your entry, and then click “Add reference/s”. Each newly created tag will be added to your tag list, so that in future you will only have to tick the respective tag. You can assign several tags to an entry.

If you now enter the corresponding rubric in your workspace, you will find a list of the tags on the right side in the blue box. This list will take you quickly to the entry of your choice. If you have marked several entries with the same tag, you will be presented with a list of all entries with this tag.

By using tags, you can quickly display a range of useful information, such as lists of submitted homework assignments, presentation dates, documents from a particular author, all specialized texts, discussions about specific topics, material entries with associated discussions, etc.