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How can I upload material?

To create a new materials entry, go to the Materials rubric from your workspace and click on the grey plus symbol to add a new item. Now you can enter the title of the new material, as well as bibliographical details. Click the “select files” button to choose the files you would like to upload from your hard drive. After locating the file, click “open” to upload the files to AGORA. Please remember to click “save” after uploading your files, thereby publishing the material entry.

You can also attach more documents to your material entry at a later time. To do this, click on the tool symbol (top left) next to the corresponding entry.

Tip: In the course of the semester, will you have lots of sessions, each with numerous texts for uploading? Structure your materials by putting sections into your material entries. These sections can be used as subfolders, chapters or seminar sessions, etc. This will give you a clearly laid out list of your materials.