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How do I change the status of workspace members, e.g. to a moderator?

Enter the workspace where you want to change the status of a user. Click the tool symbol at the top left of the grey CommSy-Bar to access the “workspace settings”. Go to the “User IDs” tag and click on the box in front of the name of the person whose status you want to change. A tick will appear in the box. You can select more than one person. Then select the desired action from the drop down menu (below the list of names) and confirm this with the “apply” button.

So, if you want a user to become a moderator, select the option “Change status: moderator”. If you select “Change status: contact person”, then the name of this person will appear on the workspace entry page (the page with the door) as the contact person for this workspace.

From the “User IDs” tab in workspace settings, you can also delete, suspend and approve User IDs, and send e-mail to workspace members.