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How do I create, edit and delete entries?

Creating, editing and deleting entries works in the same way across the different rubrics in AGORA:

If you enter your workspace, you will see an overview of the project workspace. If you would like to add an entry, click on the dark-grey plus symbol in the chosen rubric, e.g. “Materials”. A new pop-up window opens with the title “Enter new entry“. Here simply give a name to the title. There are a range of additional functions and entry options, depending on the rubric where you created the new entry. E.g. if you create a new entry in the rubric “Materials”, you then have the option of entering bibliographical information.

If you want to edit an entry, just click on the corresponding rubric (e.g. “Materials”) and then select the relevant entry. Above the title of the entry you will now see the range of editing options. If this section is hidden, please click on the tool symbol. When you’re done editing, don’t forget to press the “Save changes" button.

To delete an entry, click on the relevant entry and then click the “delete” link above the title. A pop-up window will appear, and you will have to confirm that you really want to delete the selected entry. You can only delete entries that you yourself have created. Only workspace moderators can delete the entries of others.

If you just want to delete a document that is attached to an entry, you can do this in editing mode, without having to delete the entire entry. See: How can I delete an uploaded document?