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How do I join a group room?

  1. First, become a member of the group. To do this, click “Groups” in the rubric bar on the left-hand side of the project room. Select the group you wish to join. In the action menu in the top right, click “Join.”
  2. If this group has a group room, you will see an arrow symbol a little further down on the page. Click it to join. If the moderator has not set access restrictions, you will be able to join immediately. In most cases, however, you will have to provide a membership code or a reason for membership—just like you probably did for the main room. (For more details, see: “How can I find and join an existing project room?”)
  3. Once you have joined a group, you can enter the group room at any time. The functions of a group room are identical to those of the main room. Use the breadcrumb navigation on top of the page to return to the project room. If you want to leave the group and the room permanently, use the action menu on the top right of the group entry. You can find it within the project room.