Visit the workspaces page in order to login or logout, to enter an AGORA workspace, and to manage your profile.


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How do I set up an AGORA User ID?

You need an AGORA User ID to join or open up a project workspace.

There are two different types of ID:

a) You can use your STiNE login to directly log into AGORA, without first having to register. To log in from the homepage, just click on the yellow “workspace page” link in the grey CommSy-Bar. The login fields will then appear for you to enter your details. You need your STiNE-Login name and corresponding password.

Please note that the “source” must be set to “STiNE”, otherwise you will not be able to log in with your STiNE user ID.

b) If you don’t have a STiNE account, or would like to have an AGORA account that is independent of STiNE, then you can set one up in the following way:

At the top of the AGORA homepage you can see the CommSy-Bar with the “workspaces” link. Clicking this link will bring up the login fields. Click the link “Create new account”. This will open up a box in the middle where you can enter your data to create a new User ID. Please ensure that the “Authentication source” is set to “AGORA (CommSy)”. Confirm your entries by clicking the “submit” button.

You will then be informed via e-mail of your new AGORA User ID, and you can now use these login details in the “Login” box on the homepage.

Make sure to select the correct “source” for logging in. If you log in with your STiNE ID, then select “STiNE”. If you have a separate AGORA User ID, then select the source “AGORA (CommSy)”.