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I can't upload material - what could the problem be?

Problems with file uploads can have a range of causes:

  1. Have you clicked the “Save changes” button after selecting your file for uploading? Only then will our system upload your files.
  2. Make sure that the name of the file to be uploaded does not contain any special characters that are not allowed. You can use letters and numbers, as well as plus, minus, period, comma and underscore.
  3. It is currently not possible to upload via smartphone or tablet.
  4. If you have several tabs open for AGORA, close all but the one from where you want to upload the file from, and then restart the upload.

If none of these steps solves your problem, try to upload it from another browser or PC. Then you will know if the problem is on the AGORA-System side or if it lies with your computer or browser. If it is indeed a system problem, please contact the AGORA team, stating which browser and operating system you are using.