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e-platform for the Humanities at Hamburg University



Why can't I log in?

The most common reason for login problems is that the source is incorrectly selected.

If you use a STiNE User ID for AGORA, select the “source” as “STiNE” (next to the field for entering your password in the drop down menu). If you have a separate AGORA User ID, then select “AGORA (CommSy)”.

There isn’t an actual difference between the two types of login as far as usage of AGORA is concerned. The second version – which is STiNE independent – is to allow access to AGORA to those who do not have a STiNE account.

The problem persists?

Perhaps your STiNE password is too long? STiNE- passwords cannot be longer than 20 characters.

The problem still persists?

If you still cannot log in, despite entering the correct User ID, password and source, then clear your browser’s cache and delete the AGORA cookie (for Internet Explorer: Internet options, and for Firefox: Tools > Options). If that still does not work, update your browser to the latest version and restart the browser.