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User ID

Any interested party can access AGORA by means of a User ID in combination with a password. Via the “Source” option, you can choose whether to use your Stine data, or to log in via the “Source: AGORA (CommSy)”. The second option also allows access to AGORA to non-university members, who are perhaps students wanting to attend events or are working together with UHH members in a research project, using AGORA for communication and documentation. If you select Stine as your source, the Stine-User ID and password will then also be your AGORA-User ID and password. However, if you access via the source AGORA, then the User ID and password can, in principle, be freely selected, as long as the User-ID is not already taken by another AGORA user.

Not to be confused with: Password, Membership Code

Tip: Please see our tutorial for information on setting up a user ID.