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A document camera can be used as a diversified supplement for presenting and working together in digital, hybrid and present-based teaching. Among the possible uses are:

  • detailed projections of special objects or texts
  • demonstration of tasks and methods
  • own media production
  • handwritten documentation, e.g. of seminar content.

Document cameras have a stand with which they can be easily fixed over manuscripts, books, objects, etc. in order to record them or show them in video conferences, for example. High image quality is achieved, so that even details can be visible.

With the handout we have created, we would like to outline some didactic use scenarios of document cameras as well as introduce the operation of the camera in the different environments. You can find these under methods and instructions on our website.

Please note that the handout is only available in German at this time. For support in English, do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can find our contact details on our website, or email us directly at

Your eLearning office at the Faculty of Humanities offers the V4K device from IPEVO for loan in the hardware portal. Feel free to contact us for advice on specific usage scenarios or questions.

To quickly find the documents or entries you are looking for within project rooms, you can use the room's own search function. The corresponding field is located in the upper right corner of every project room and can be reached from every section.

Please note: If you enter a search term on the home page of the project room, results from the entire room will be displayed ("Search in room"). If you use the search within a rubric (such as materials or discussions), only hits from the current rubric will be displayed. 

For more information, see this entry in our FAQs.

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Please note: 
This tip refers to an older version of CommSy and may no longer be valid in the current version.