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The English Help Section for CommSy9 is under construction at the moment. Please use the up-to-date Help Section in German for CommSy9. This English Help Section refers to the old version CommSy8.    

Welcome to the "Tutorials" area of our help section. These tutorials contain information and step-by-step instructions on using AGORA and its range of functions.

To navigate through the tutorials, use the links on the right-hand side of this text (below “All Tutorials”). Here you can see all the current tutorials on the various topics.

Each tutorial consists of an introduction, which briefly describes the content, and several chapters, which are thematically arranged. You can navigate through the chapters by using the links in the "Overview" box. You can also use the links below each chapter to go forwards / backwards to the next / previous page of the tutorial.

If you want to print out an entire tutorial, click "Printer-friendly version" near the bottom of the page. The complete tutorial will then be displayed in a printable format. If you don’t want to print every chapter, just click the "Print Version" link at the bottom of the chapter you would like to print.

For specific questions, please visit the FAQ of our Help section - your question may already be answered.