e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



4. Status von Mitgliedern ändern

In order to optimise workspace organisation, you can assign workspace members to different roles (Fig. 8). 

    Abb. 8: Status ändern

There are four different options to choose from:


Reading user

This option strongly limits the user's permissions. Reading users can only view materials, but may not create, edit, or delete entries.



This is the default status for workspace members. Users may pariticipate by creating, editing, and downloading material.



Use this option, if you want to assign moderators to administrative duties.

Attention: Moderators have unlimited administrative rights in a workspace. Only assign users you trust to this status. Also, please take care not to deprive yourself of the moderator status. Once you are declared normal user, only moderators can re-assign you to the moderator status!


Contact person

Contact persons are given a telefon symbol next to their names, signalising that other users may ask contact persons in case of problems or questions. In contrast to moderators, contact persons have no administrative rights in a workspace.