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3. Inserting links

Links are pointers to other websites. You can use them to “link” your entry to external content.

There are two types of links you can embed in your entry in CommSy: normal hyperlinks that point to any website and links to other CommSy entries. There is a separate command for embedding the second type.


(:link TARGET text=TEXT:)

In this code, replace “TARGET” with the address of the website you want to link. Replace “TEXT” with a text that will be displayed in place of the actual website address.

Linking a CommSy entry

(:item ID text=TEXT:)

To link another entry on the CommSy platform, replace “item ID” in the above code with the reference number of the entry. You can determine the reference number by hovering your mouse over “more … ” on the right side of the title information (Fig. 14). Again, replace “TEXT” with the text to be displayed as the link.

Fig. 14: Viewing the reference number