Visit the workspaces page in order to login or logout, to enter an AGORA workspace, and to manage your profile.


e-platform for the Humanities at Hamburg University



1. Workspaces

The Workspaces page is the starting point for our platform. To access Workspaces, select the link from the menu on our homepage In Workspaces, log in with your User ID (see 2. Log in) to gain access to the workspace search and your personal workspace list. 

1. Menu: navigate to different sections of our site (e.g. usage information, contact).

2. Search for Workspace: Enter keywords (e.g. seminar name, lecturer’s name) to find workspaces on the AGORA platform.

3. Workspaces: A list of workspaces. When logged in, all your workspaces will be displayed here. When using the workspace search, the search results will be displayed here instead.

4. myAGORA (your personal areas), Create Workspaces (to set up a new project workspace), Portal message (important information from the portal moderation, e.g. about current glitches in the system).

5. CommSy-Bar : Important element for the functionality of AGORA; includes your profile. More info here: CommSy-Bar

Figure 1: “Workspaces”: Overview of different sections