Visit the workspaces page in order to login or logout, to enter an AGORA workspace, and to manage your profile.


e-platform for the Humanities at Hamburg University



3. Create new User ID

After clicking the "Create new account" link in the first step, a form is displayed for you to enter your data (Figure 3).

To get a User ID, you have to enter the required data in the mandatory fields (names, email address, 'User ID' and password). 

Figure 3: Create new account

Please note: You can freely select your User ID, which serves as a short name for logging in. You must choose your password yourself (and remember it!).

After completing the form, click the “create” button.

A window opens, containing the Terms of Use. You have to accept these in order to use AGORA. The corresponding button can be found at the bottom of the page. Upon accepting the Terms of Use, your User ID will be activated by the system and you will be automatically logged in. With your User ID, you can now open project workspaces (see step 4) or join an existing workspace.