Visit the workspaces page in order to login or logout, to enter an AGORA workspace, and to manage your profile.


e-platform for the Humanities at Hamburg University



5. Create new workspace

If you are logged in to AGORA and you would like to create a new project workspace, follow these steps:

1.  From the Workspaces page, click the link “New Project Workspace” on the right hand side below “Create Workspace”

2.  A page opens with a form (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Create new workspace

3.  Enter a title and select the user interface language for the Workspace as German or English

The other fields are optional, and are principally for better user orientation. However, we do recommend filling in the fields for “Term” and “Description”, so that your Workspace is easy to find for potential participants.

The “Template” field is a special feature. By selecting a template, you can open a Workspace that is already filled with content. In addition to the standard template, other templates are available, e.g. from the General Career-Qualifying Skills section (German: ABK).