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2. Room profile

In the “Room profile” section, you can change your personal data and your contact information (Fig. 3). You can set a profile image, specify your address and accounts on various messenger services, and write a text about yourself. This allows other CommSy users to learn more about you and get in touch with you. You can also cancel your membership in the room you are currently viewing here.

Fig. 3: Room profile

Cancel membership

  • Choose “Lock room membership” to end your access to the room. You will no longer be able to enter the room, but your contributions will remain in place. If you want to delete any specific posts before leaving, please do so before you lock your membership. Your membership can be unlocked again upon request.
  • If you select “Delete room membership,” your personal data and your username will be deleted from the current room. You will no longer be able to enter the room. Your contributions will be anonymized. Please note: This process is irreversible!