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4. CommSy-Bar

In this area you can customize what to display in your CommSy-Bar. The CommSy-Bar refers to the dark grey "header", which is used for navigation and is visible in each workspace. Workspace navigation is standard on the CommSy-Bar, as is "my online clipboard” and the link to your profile ("Welcome, * your name *). You can log out of CommSy via the power icon on the far right-hand side of the bar.

From the CommSy-Bar profile settings, you can activate additional icons that give you access to your personal calendar, your repository, the CommSy widgets, and your portfolio. If you save your preferences after activating the icons, they will then always be found in the CommSy-Bar (marked in orange in Figure 5).

You can also change the settings for how workspace navigation is displayed (marked in blue in Figure 5). Workspace navigation is accessed by clicking on "Goto workspace" (left in the CommSy-Bar). It is displayed with interactive buttons for the individual workspaces (default). If you choose "Classic Layout" from the settings, the display is changed to a simple drop-down list.

Tip: The glossary contains more details about the range of CommSy-Bar functions, e.g. widgets, portfolios, repository, etc.

Figure 5: CommSy-Bar settings