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Re-using content

If you have been working with AGORA for a long time, you may want to re-use your content several times, without having to create new entries again or upload the same files from your computer.

You may have also created content which you no longer need for the current semester, but would still like to keep – e.g. for students to use as a revision aid before an exam. AGORA has some useful functions for such scenarios:

  1. Copying content: Duplicate content (announcements, events, materials, etc.) from workspace to workspace.
  2. Storing content in the repository: Via the CommSy-Bar, rubric options to collect, create and copy content from any workspace.
  3. Archiving a workspace: Save a project workspace for ‘passive’ future usage; i.e. no further changes can be made, but all members can still access the content.
  4. Creating workspace templates: Create a workspace where the content will be re-used; these can also be made ​​available to other colleagues. You can select this template when creating a new workspace and the contents of the old workspace will be copied into the new one.
  5. Creating a project workspace: Collecting material and other content in a project workspace that was created for this purpose.