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4. Adding links and media

You can visually enhance the pages of your wiki and fill them with interesting material by embedding a range of media types: images, videos or audio files. This next section also explains how to add internal and external links.


The image file you want to embed must first be uploaded to the wiki using the "Upload file" function, otherwise the wiki will not be able to access the image. The command to enter into the editing field of your page is:


Example: Attach:myimage234.jpg



You can also embed videos on your pages. Here we will show you how to upload YouTube videos – for other sources and formats, refer to the "Instructions" page in the navigation of your wiki.

Enter the following command to embed a YouTube video:

(:youtube FILM-ID:)

The film ID is at the end of the URL after the equal sign. Copy this part of the URL and use it to replace "FILM-ID”

Use arguments to directly adjust how your embedded videos are displayed.

To do this, change the command to (:youtube FILM-ID argument1:), inserting the film ID as per usual. You can replace "argument1" with the following:

lfloat (Film is positioned on the left, with text to the right)

rfloat (Film is positioned on the right, with text to the left)

width=NUMBER (width of player in pixels)

height=NUMBER (height of player in pixels)

You can use several arguments, separated by a space.


Link to a wiki entry

You can place a link in your text to a wiki entry by inserting the following simple command

 [[entry name]]

Replace "entry name" with the actual name of the article you want to link to. Its name will be displayed as a link in your text.

 External Link

If you want the whole link to appear in the text, just copy and paste this from the URL in your browser.

If you want to link to a word/words (e.g. "examplelink"), use this command to link it to the external page:


The word "examplelink" will be linked in your text with the specified URL.