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1. New material entry

The "Add New Item" function, which is accessed via the small plus icon at the top right of the edit line, allows you to create new materials in different formats. You can upload almost all file formats to AGORA.

After completion, most items are shown in the list of materials with a small icon next to the title (Figure 1). The only limitation is the file size, which may not exceed 48MB per file.

Uploading files 

Click on the plus symbol to access the form (Figure 2). Fill in all relevant fields – a red asterisk marks those which are mandatory (in this case, the "Title"). Other fields are optional.

Figure 2: New material item

You can add additional information to your item by entering bibliographical details. Select the appropriate entry from the drop-down menu "Bibl. reference" and fill in the additional fields.

Use the space below to enter a short description of your material – an overview for other participants.

Click "Select Files ..." (Figure 3, below) to select the file you want to upload from your computer and then click "Save". If the file has been successfully added, the file name will be shown in the list with a tick (Figure 4).

Figure 3: Material with attached image file

Repeat the previous step to upload additional files. If you add multiple files individually in this way, they will be displayed in alphabetical order, each with a tick. In case you accidentally select the wrong file or no longer wish to upload a file, remove the tick by clicking it. Files without a tick will not be uploaded (or deleted during the save procedure).

Tip: To learn more about directly integrating files and media with text, please see the tutorial “integrating media”.