e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



2. Access rights & events

When you add a new entry, the “Title” section offers three additional points: “Only editable by [your name],” “Deactivated,” and “Deactivated until.” You can make a checkmark in the boxes next to these points. If you click the first checkbox, only you (and all moderators of the room) will be able to edit the entry. This prevents other members from editing, deleting, copying, or otherwise modifying your entry accidentally or intentionally. If you activate this setting, the editing option will be grayed out for all non-moderators.

Fig. 7: “Title” section: edit access rights and dates

If you check the second box, “Deactivate,” you will be the only person who can view the entry. It will be hidden from all other members, including moderators. You can use this option to prepare an entry and publish it later, for example. To publish your entry manually later, leave the fields next to “Deactivated until” blank (Fig. 7).

Alternatively, you can enter a date and time here. Your entry will be published automatically at the specified point in time. All room members will be able to see it in the material list afterwards. You can either enter a date and time manually or use the calendar/time dropdown menus. The time is optional.

Initially, you will be unable to see the deactivated entry in your own list of materials. In the column on the right of the material list, uncheck the box next to “Hide deactivated entries.” This will make your deactivated entry visible to you.

Fig. 8: “Hide deactivated entries”