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Workspace settings

This tutorial contains an overview of the range of settings for customizing your project workspace. The workspace settings are divided into sections, featuring options for workspace design, rubrics settings, structuring aids, and access conditions. You can also switch on plugins (such as the wiki) and customize membership options

The workspace settings are described in detail in the following sections. 

Access workspace settings

To configure a project workspace, you must be either the creator or moderator. There are various options in AGORA for moderators to customize a project workspace. Use the settings options to adapt the workspace to the needs of your group. You can access the configuration settings from the "Home" page or any page of your AGORA workspace.

The workspace settings are accessed via the tool icon in the Commsy-Bar (highlighted in Figure 1). Clicking this icon will take you to an overview of all configuration options. You can switch directly to other settings options from each of the menus in the upper tab (Figure 1).

The tool icon in the CommSy-Bar is only visible to workspace moderators. This means that members without moderation rights cannot modify workspace settings

Figure 1: Workspace settings & CommSy-Bar icon