e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



4. Appearance

This menu allows you to change the layout and design of your room.

Configure events

You can choose different pre-set views for the “Dates” rubric. If you select the list view, your dates will be displayed as a list in chronological order. This is a very handy option if you only have a few dates in your calendar that are spread across several months. The week view and month view use a regular calendar layout.


Configure color theme

Choose a color theme for your room. All color themes come with their own room image (see below), but you are free to set a custom image instead. Every color theme has its own highlight colors. These are used for the menu bars inside the room, for example.


Room image

By default, CommSy uses the preset image of your current color theme. Alternatively, you can upload a custom image for the homepage of your room. To ensure that your image is displayed properly, it should have an aspect ratio of approximately 5:1 and a width of 1300 pixels or more.