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Video tutorials

Note: At the moment all video tutorials are only available in German language.

Here you can find a video tutorial series, which was kindly provided by the IT SLM I+II The recording was done by Marco Paesel on behalf of your AOGRA and eBüro team.

Teil 1 - Materialien hochladen
Teil 2 - Accounts verbinden

The Department of Protestant Theology has kindly prepared a series of handouts for AGORA as video tutorials and makes them available to all users. The tutorials were produced by Lukas Brinkmann.
Here you can access the individual video tutorials:

Teil 1 - Einrichtung
Teil 2 - Vorschlag zur Raumnutzung
Teil 3 - Etherpad
Teil 4 - Das Wiki
Teil 5 - Diskussionen
Teil 6 - Gruppenräume