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e-platform for the Humanities at Hamburg University



Welcome to AGORA

AGORA is an integrated e-learning and e-science-platform for online collaboration in the Humanities at Hamburg University. It took its name from the central square in ancient Greek cities, being a public place for people to meet, trade, and gather for political discussion and decision making. The CommSy-based AGORA platform was launched in spring 2007 with a strong focus on system enhancements that serve the special needs of Humanities computing and collaboration.

  • AGORA is suitable for all your collaboration and teaching purposes. Use it as a student or teacher, or in your scientific research team.
  • AGORA's webbased user interface is designed to be intuitive.
  • AGORA implements your workflows as transparent and nonhierarchical as possible.
  • AGORA is based on CommSy, hosted by the Regional Computing Center. The use of AGORA is free of cost for all members of Hamburg University.
  • The AGORA team consists of members of the Humanities faculty with technical and didactical skills. Do not hesitate to ask them your questions.

More about AGORA: Concept · Features · Contact persons

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